Apple\’s App Store guidelines updated

Apple\’s millions of developers demand fairness, so Apple has introduced a new set of App Store guidelines that allow developers to contact customers about other payment methods.The organization said that three significant changes to the App Store audit rules support new components in impending OS discharges.

Engineers are permitted to speak with their clients about other installment techniques accessible outside their application. The new rules express that applications can demand client data like name and email, however the solicitation ought to be discretionary for clients and ought not keep them from utilizing the application.

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Apple said, engineers may not utilize data acquired inside the application to permit individual clients to utilize buy techniques other than in-application buys outside the application, (for example, a singular client\’s information on other buy strategies). sending an email then, at that point, pursuing a record face to face (application).

For its occasion to show up on the App Store, it should fall under the occasion type gave in App Store Connect, the organization said. All occasion metadata should be precise and relate to the occasion as a general rule, instead of the actual application. Apple and Google have both decreased the commission charge for engineers from 30% to 15 percent.

Apple slices the membership expense by 15% from the very beginning, however it\’s restricted to designers who are essential for its App Store independent company program, which is accessible to the individuals who make close to $1 million per year.

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