Easy to swipe home and latest tweets on Twitter

Twitter is chipping away at another component for iOS clients that will permit them to swipe between home channels that offer a sequential glance at more seasoned tweets and the most recent tweets in the course of events. At the present time clients need to tap on the three-star symbol at the highest point of the feed to switch between the home feed or the most recent feed, yet with the forthcoming element one can rapidly change the inclination.


The organization said in a tweet, Top tweet first or most recent tweet first? We\’re making it simple to switch between two courses of events and know which one you\’re looking through. It isn\’t certain whether Twitter intends to carry out this component generally to more clients.

In the interim, Twitter has as of now began carrying out another component Soft Block that will permit any client on the web to eliminate a supporter without impeding.

To delicate square a supporter, go to your profile, click Followers, click the three-speck menu close to Followers, and afterward click the Remove this devotee choice. The devotee you eliminate won\’t be informed of the change. This is not the same as impeding somebody, which keeps them from seeing your tweets and sending you messages.

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