On October 19, Google is going to Launch its New Smartphone, Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6, for which fans are very excited. Although the company has remained silent about the features of this phone for the time being, leakers are doing their work and they have revealed a lot of information about the features of Google Pixel 6. Let\’s see what you will get in this smartphone.

This smartphone of Google will not hang According to tipsters, Google Pixel 6 will come with the company\’s new custom-built chip, Google Tensor, which will improve the performance of the smartphone. With the help of this chip, users will be able to translate messages and videos without internet and the company claims that with this chip the smartphone will run at 80% more speed, load apps and save battery. In this way, your smartphone will not even hang with this chip of Google.

Google Pixel 6\’s screen won\’t break even if it falls Google Pixel 6 may come with a 6.4-inch display and it is said that its refresh rate is going to be much better than before. Also, according to the news, the company has used Corning Gorilla Glass Victus in this smartphone, which is considered to be the strongest Gorilla Glass ever. With the help of this glass, Google Pixel 6 will get two times more scratch resistance than the old Pixel smartphones. Also, this smartphone has got a rating of IP69, so that it will not spoil even in dust and water.

Phone battery will last for two days At the moment

it is not known how many mAh battery will be in Google Pixel 6 or how many watts this smartphone will come with fast charging support, but it is definitely known that this smartphone will have the technology of adaptive battery, with the help of which the battery will keep its battery life. You will understand which are your favorite apps and accordingly will not allow battery life to be reduced due to those apps which are used less. Also, if you turn on the extreme battery saver mode in this phone, then your phone will last for two full days i.e. 48 hours.

Camera Features

If we talk about the features of the camera of Google Pixel 6, then according to the landing page, this smartphone will come with a 50MP camera, whose sensors will also be bigger than before and users will be able to capture 150% more light than the previous Pixel phones. Also, its Magic Eraser feature will erase extra elements from your photos with just a few clicks and you will also be able to take action pictures with the motion mode. As we have told you, Google is going to launch its new smartphone, Google Pixel 6 on 19 October. The company will confirm all the features of this smartphone on the same day and only then it will be known whether all this information given by tipster Avon Bloss on the features is true or not.

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