How to deactivate a sim card

The SIM card inside our phone contains various important information about our contact details and recognizes us to the network. If someone steals your SIM card, they will be able to collect information from it and possibly access your mobile phone account.

So it’s very important to know how to deactivate a sim card when it is lost or broken so that others can’t take advantage of your sim card in the name of yours’


Steps to deactivate sim card

Step 1

So the first step is to call the service centre number of operation (jio, airtel, vi, bsnl) from your other number. Tell them about your situation for deactivating a sim card. In most cases, it happens that the service providers deactivate your SIM card within a few minutes and sometimes they take one to 4 days to deactivate your SIM Card.

Step 2

If you have any information saved in your SIM card, remove it such as pictures and address book. And for this, you have to go to your SIM card menu from your phone and then delete it.

Step 3

Cut your SIM card in half with scissors. And then dispose of your SIM card in small pieces.

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