How to download PPT from authorSTREAM

Before Knowing How to download PPT from authorSTREAM we must know what exactly this website is about.

What is authorSTREAM?

AuthorSTREAM is a free website that allows you to easily download presentations. AuthorSTREAM has an unlimited pool of templates for your use. AuthorSTREAM can be accessed via the internet or through any web server. AuthorSTREAM includes a WYSIWYG editor, a presenter, the ability to edit slides, and a slide library.

How to download PPT from authorSTREAM? Step By Step

To download PPT from authorSTREAM, you must first sign up for authorSTREAM and get your login credentials. AuthorSTREAM is a cloud computing application that allows you to upload your PPT files and share them with others. Once you have uploaded your PPT or PPT file, you can share the document with anyone you wish. You can even add comments to your document for others to see.

Step 1 

Login to your authorSTREAM account if you don’t have an account. Below is the screen which will appear on your device when you try to log in


How to download PPT from AuthorSTREAM

Step 2

If you don’t have an authorSTREAM account, then create a fresh account. This will redirect to the signup page and it will ask you to enter your name, your email, the username you want to create, mobile no., account type (individual or organization).

Step 3

Now on the upper right corner, you will see a search presentation text, click on that and write the topic for which you want to get the presentation, and then click on go.

Step 4

In this step, you will see that authorSTREAM will show you a list of the items related to your search now click any one of them from the lists.

Step 5 

After clicking any items in the list it will open the presentation in a small box and the upper section, you will see a download button for that particular presentation. Click on the download button your presentation will be downloaded shortly.

This is the way you can download a PPT from the authorSTREAM.

How to download PPT from authorSTREAM if the download option is not available

Most people want to download presentations or files to their local system so that they can access the file immediately and easily without the Internet. However, the author or owner of the presentation or file in the AuthorSTREAM has the right to disable the download option. In this case, the download option is locked and inactive, and you cannot download the file or document. So how do you get the restricted download from AuthorSTREAM? This can be inconvenient if you need the document right away. The only alternative is to request a presentation individually from the author or owner.

But don’t worry in this guide we will also tell you how to download PPT from authorSTREAM if the download option is not available. The procedure is very easy and also it’s free.

Steps to download PPT from authorSTREAM if the download option is disabled.

  • First login or signup to your authorSTREAM account. See the details above for signup and login.
  • Find the presentations or files which you want to download but do not have the download option.
  • The next step is to change the URL in the browser address bar and click enter.

For Example:-

Change the URL from


  • When you change the URL then it will take you to the mobile version of authorSTREAM. After that you will see the images of the presentation and you have to download a single image till your presentation completes.
  • Now open Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC and create/ open a blank presentation.
  • Click on the Insert tab and start inserting the images you downloaded in the previous steps.
  • Save your presentation.

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Bonus Tip: – You can also convert your all those presentation into the pdf format using the Microsoft. Just Save in pdf format so that you may be able to view your presentation on a mobile device also anytime and anywhere.

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