How to Download PPT from Slideshare

Before knowing how to download a PPT from Slideshare it is important to know what Slideshare is.

Slideshare is a website for uploading and sharing presentations with a wide variety of people, from students to professionals to the general public. Slideshare is a great resource for finding presentations on virtually any topic, from business to science to education. It’s also useful for downloading presentation slides after they have been uploaded. There are different ways to download PowerPoint slides from Slideshare

Steps to download a PPT from Slideshare

Step 1: Login or Create Account

Go to in your web browser and open the Slideshare website. Next is to login into your account if you don’t have an account on Slideshare. You can log in with the following methods

  • Login With Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Login With Your Facebook Profile
  • Login With Email
  • Login with Scribd.

What if you don’t have an account on Slideshare?

You can create your Slideshare account in the following ways:

  • Signup with using Facebook
  • Signup with using Google
  • Signup with Email

Step 2: Find the Right File

After going to Slideshare, you have to click on the search icon, after that whatever type of PPT you want, you type that keyword and you will see many results. You can apply filters according to your requirements like upload time and file type.


Step 3: Download the File

After finding the right file which you want to download then scroll a little bit and see there is a download option for that file or ppt. Just press the Download button and then a screen appears to remind you to start clipping. 

Just ignore it and click on the link that says No Thanks. Continue To Download

Sometimes it will appear and sometimes it will not.


Note: You can maximum download 20 files in a day.

How to download PPT from Slideshare, if the download option is not available?

It is not necessary that the file you have selected has the option of download. If it does then it means that the author of the PPT has disabled the downloading option.

So if this happens then how will you download PPT in Slideshare?????

Don’t Worry.

You can use an online tool for downloading any PPT from Slideshare if the author has disabled the downloading option.

These online tools ask you for the URL of the PPT that you want to download. Then this online tool will crawl that page and provide you with a download link of the ppt. And this method can work on any device whether it is Android, iPhone, or computer.

Follow my steps to download.

  • Go to your device\’s browser and open the Slideshare website and find the ppt which you want to download.
  • Now copy the Webpage URL from the address bar.
  • Then go to this website:
  • Now paste the webpage URL you had copied previously from the Slideshare website and click on the Generate link.
  • In the next step, you will get the download link of PPT. Click on it and your PPT will start downloading

Note: this will download your file in pdf format.

If you want to download a file in PPT form then you can go to and can convert your pdf file to a PPT file easily.

So, this is the way you can download any ppt from the Slideshare website.

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