How to Green Yoast SEO Lights ? Issues With Yoast SEO

Troubling in Finding a Good and Effective Way to Green Yoast SEO Lights ? OMG !! You are at Right Place.

In this Article We See How to Green Yoast SEO.

Before I start, let me tell you that this is the Second Part of Write SEO Friendly Article Series, So Must Read first article before this.

First Part : How To Write SEO Optimised Article in Your Blog ?

Lets First Understand, why Yoast SEO is Important Part for Writing a SEO Friendly Article and Rank in Google.

Why Yoast SEO is Important to Use :-

If you really trust me, let me tell you a Truth, that Yoast SEO has partnership with Google. It is not written Anywhere in the World, but in the Backend of Google, it is Their. Means if are using WordPress For your Website then You have to Compulsorily Use Yoast SEO.

If you Not Green Yoast SEO, Then Yoast Will Force Google to Not Rank Your Article. It is Sometimes a Drawback also, as Sometimes you write a Hundred percent SEO Optimised Content, but the Lights Will not able to Green Due to Some Reasons, it can Definitely Harm Your Ranking.

So Always Make Sure to Green SEO Lights Before Writing a Blog. If you\’re new blogger, then it is the Real Success Key Behind Your Success.

How to Green Yoast SEO ?

Now lets come to the main topic of this post that is How to Green the Yoast Lights. Greening Yoast Lights is Very Simple, You have to Just Follow All the Guidelines that Yoast is Guiding You. For instance let me Briefly Explain you each and Every Guidelines that is Given By Yoast.

Keyphrase in Slug :

If you don\’t know What is Slug, then, let me Tell you in Short that it is the URL After Your Website Address.

For Example : in this URL the Starting Character is the Website Address and After a Slash their is a Slug of your Article. It is Very Important Factor to Get Visible to Google that what your Article is About. For Making it As Simple you can think it is the Subject of a Letter. It Actually Explains What a Article is About.

Yoast SEO Says that you have to Enter your Focus Keyword in your Slug to Definately get Visible to Google.

For Writing A Slug Yoast SEO Has Inbuilt Feature, Just Scroll till The End of Article and You able to see a Slug Option, Simply Paste your Focus Keyword.

After Doing You Definately Able to Green the Light of Keyphrase in Slug. Now if you are thinking that How many words we can Write in Our Slug ? So the Simple Answer is Their is No limit of writing a Slug, but According to SEO Optimization, a 10-12 Words Slug is Perfect, It cannot be more then that.

Keyphrase in Title :

Adding Keyphrase in Your Title is Compulsary For Yoast as Well as Your Blog to Rank Easily. For doing this Just Paste your Focus Keyword in Your SEO Title Section, which you able to Find when you Scroll the page till end and Find SEO TITLE Section, if you\’re using YOAST SEO Plugin.

Keyphrase in Meta Description :

Your Keyphrase Should be Present in Your Meta Description. My Pro tip is Add all your Related Keywords in Your Meta Description, Meta Description is a Part of Text which is Visible to a User when the User Search Something.

Google Has a Fixed Value of Meta Description Length which we Talk Below.

Meta Description is Not Much Important for Your Ranking, but it is Important for your user to get attracted by your short meta Tag.

For Adding Meta Description, As Always Scroll down the page and Find Meta Description Section and Paste your Short Blog Description.

SEO Title Width :

It is Also Not Important Factor to Rank on Google, but if you want to Green your Yoast SEO Light, then simply Scroll the page and Find SEO Title Section.

Your Title Width Should be More then 7 Words and Less then 9 Words. It is Important for you to be in Limit if you want to Green the Lights.

As Much I know it doesn\’t harm your Ranking in Any Perspectives, so you can Ignore it also.

Text Length :

For Getting a Green Light by Yoast you have to Write more then 300 words in your Article. But Seriously I recommend you to write More then 200 Words According to Your Competition, for example if your Competition writes 500 Words then You have to Write 700 Words to Beat it.

Meta Description Length :

Your Meta Description Length Should be More then 120 Words and Less then 150 Words. Also Use your Relavent Keywords in a Proper Sentance in Your Meta Description. Your Focus Keyword should Repeat only 2 Times in Your Meta Description.

Previously Use Keyphrase :

If you have Used Keyword 1 time, the Google as Well as Yoast don\’t like that you use that Keyword Again and Again, it Increases the Spam Score for your Website.

Keyphrase Density :

It is The Numbers of Times That your keyword Should Repeat, yoast will tell this accordingly, Just Follow the Numbers and Always Use Your Keyword in a Most Probable Sentance.

Keyphrase in Introduction :

Your Keyword Should be Their in Your Introductory Paragraph only 1 Time.

Internal Linking :

You have to Link Your Previously Written Articles in Your New Posts by the Same Keywords of Previously written Articles. This will rank your new as well as Previous Article.

Outbound Links :

These are the Links of Other Websites From Your Website, I personally don\’t Recommend you to use this, because it lowers your Website Rate in Market.

Keyphrase Distribution :

As I am Saying From Many times, that Use Your Keyword in a Most Probable Sentance Only, Try to Not Use your Keyword anywhere you want.

Image Alt Attribute :

Your Images Should Have A Alt Attribute, if you don\’t know how to Add Alt Attribute then Read this Article : How to Add Alt Attribute in Images ?

Keyphrase in Subheadings :

Your Keyword Should be Their in Your 2 Subheadings, if you use this in more then 2, then Yoast will not Green.

Yoast SEO Vs All in One SEO :-

Their are two Types of SEO Plugins Available in the Market, i.e., Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. I have used Both the Plugins on my Different Sites, And Analysed the Results, that which plugin you should use in your website.

In Some Websites I am Using both Plugins at a Same Time and They Both are Working like brothers and Helping my Blog to Get Organic Traffic.

But it is not recommended to Use Both Plugins at a Same time, it can Even Harm your website if you not use them properly.

If We Directly talk the Results that Which plugin is better, then As Always and Popular Yoast SEO Plugin is Better then All in One SEO Plugin.

If you want to Know Detailed Comparison of these two then you can Follow our Blog to Stay Tuned.

Issues With Yoast SEO And their Solution :-

If you are using YOAST SEO Then in Your Blogging you can Face Some Issues, don\’t worry any more, I am always here to assist you the Perfect and Most Probable Solution of these Problems.

  1. Yoast SEO Meta Description Not Showing : Sometimes Yoast Hides the Meta Description Part from your Blog, so to fix this Problem their are two ways, One is Uninstall the Plugin Completely, and Then after a Week, Reinstall Again, It Starts Working Fine. The Second way is if you are using a Invalid Yoast Plugin, then You can Delete it and install the Original Yoast Plugin from WordPress Directory.
  2. Yoast SEO Snippet Editor Not Working : If your Yoast Seo Snippet Editor, that is Google Preview Editor is not working, then their is Definately a Issue in your Hosting. Contact Your Hosting Provider to Fix this Issue.
  3. The google xml Sitemaps plugin might cause issues when used in conjunction with yoast SEO. : If you are Using a Additional plugin for making a Sitemap, and also Using Yoast SEO plugin at a Same time, then it Destroys your all the Sitemaps. So the Better Solution of this is Uninstall the Other Plugin, as Yoast have Inbuilt Sitemap Feature of if you want to Use different Plugin for Sitemap, then You can Turn off the Sitemaps By Going to the General Settings og Yoast SEO Plugin.

So Here We End Up with The Article, Few more Articles left in the Series of Writing a SEO Friendly Article For Your Blog, So Please Share this Article and Stay Tuned.

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