How to Setup Notable Theme in Blogger?

If you are troubling in Setting Up your Notable Theme in Blogger, then this article will be the Golden Key For You. In this article we cover almost all Topics on Setting up your Blog in Blogger, also We see Some Basic SEO Settings in Blogges so that you can Rank on Google and Maximize your Earnings, and at the end we see How to Setup Notable Theme in Blogger.

So First Start with the Basis of Using Blogger for Making Your Website,

How to Use Blogger For Making a Site :-

For using Blogger You Just need a Google Account, make sure you have completed all the verification with your Google account, it again helps you to rank on Google as you become a trustworthy of Google.

You can Then Follow these Simple Steps For Creating a Blogger Account,

  1. Search on Google, Blogger, and Click the First Link.
  1. Click \” Create Your Blog \” Button.
  1. Choose Your Google Account From the List.
  2. Then Enter Your Blog Name. You have to research in Google on Your Niche, and Find the More Related Keywords, then Enter that in Your Blog Title, you can change it Anytime.

  1. Enter Your Blog URL. This URL should be unique, and contains your niche, for Example if My niche is Writing Tech News, then I write my Website name And URL according to That only. For Example, \”Hindi Tech Gyan\” is the Website Name I choose and Hinditechnews is the URL I entered.
  1. Enter Your Display Name. This name comes in the name of your website\’s About Section. So again do some keywords research on google and write all the Related Keywords in a Well Readable Sentance.
  1. Now you Able to See a Blank Page like this.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Website perfectly. Now it\’s time to make your Website more attractive and User Friendly with the Notable Theme.

Before we Start Customising Our Notable theme, Let me Briefly Explain You the Basic SEO setting in Blogger, which really helps you to rank on Google and Other Search Engines, and Maximize your Earnings.

How to Do Blogger SEO Settings ?

For doing Blogger SEO Settings Just Follow these Steps by Clicking on Setting Button,

  1. You able to see different Categories in the Setting Section, the First One is Basic. In basic you can change your Website Name, Add Discription, Change Your Blog Language, Lastly The Most Important Add Your Google Analytics ID.
  2. In the Second Category, you See Privacy Option, if it is Already on then Ok, if it is not turned On then You Need to Turn it on to Get in touch with Google and other Search Engines.
  3. The Third Category is Publishing, in this you can Change your Blog URL or add Custom domain. If you want to Get Your Site Monitized then We recommend you to buy a New Domain and Add it in the Custom Domain Section.
  4. The Forth Category is about HTTPs Redirects, Always Turn On HTTPS Redirects To Make Your Website Secure to Your Visitors.

How to Get Notable Theme For Blogger ?

For getting notable theme for blogger just follow these simple steps,

  1. Search on Google, \” Notable Theme For Blogger \”, and Click the First Link of Notable Theme official Website, i.e.,
  2. Click on \” Use For Free\” Button.
  3. Enter your Email I\’d and password or Directly use Google Account to Sign up.
  4. Then You Redirected to the Dashboard of Webflow, Simply Click on \” Let\’s Go\” Button.
  5. Then They ask 3 questions, the first one is What best describes your role? Don\’t think much, Directly click on \” Web Designer \”, and Click Continue.
  6. The Second Question they ask is, Who will you be building websites for? Click on Your Choice, For Instance I suggest click on Myself.
  7. The Third and Last Question they ask is, Do you have experience building websites? Simply Click \” Expert \” Button.
  8. May be in Some New Updates, they ask the forth question also, What do you want to build today? Just select Blog.
  9. Click on Finish button.
  10. Then you have to Search again On Google, Notable Theme For Blogger and Again Click the First link.
  11. Then Simply Click Create New Project From Dashboard.
  12. And You see a Option in the top Right Corner, \”Custom Domain\” Simply Click on it.
  13. Now you have to pay a littel 12$ Amount in the Website For Adding your Blogger Domain or Some Other Custom Domain.
  14. After adding the domain simply click Publish Button, and you\’re done installing your Notable Theme in Blogger.

You will get a RAR file after publishing, if you extract that file you can Find a .XML file. Now we have to install that .XML file in our Blog.

How to Install .XML File in Blogger ?

For installing .XML File in Blogger, Just Click Theme Button from the Left Menu,


Then Follow these Simple Steps,

  1. Drag the Customize Menu.
  1. Click on Restore Button.
  1. Click on Upload Button
  1. Choose Your File Location, where you have saved the .XML File.
  2. It automatically Start Uploading.
  1. Now its Done You able to See the Theme like this,

Now let\’s learn How to Setup Notable Theme in Blogger like a Pro, in this we learn, how to Do Proper customisation, Adding Some Pages, locating those pages, Adding SEO Friendly Articles.

How to Setup Notable Theme in Blogger ?

Setting Notable Theme in Blogger is very easy process, and it is the last and final process for your blogger website to be developed.

For Setting Notable Theme, Click on \”Layout\” button from the left menu.


Now you able to See a Page Like this,


Now Let\’s Understand Each and Every Button, in Steps of their Cateogaties.

The First Category is Theme Option, in this you able to see two Options.

  1. The First one is \”Boxed Version\” in this option you can change your theme layout, like in Boxed Version or in a Full Page version.
  2. The second option is \”Default variables\”. In this option you can change your blog post order, like what thing should come first. I don\’t recommend you to change in that, just leave it as default.

The second category is \”Top Navigation\”.


In this you can edit your top bar. Or in short you can edit your top bar menus and widgets. This bar is default comes with black colour, and you don\’t have any option to change its color, you are only able to change the menus and widgets.

The Third Category is \” Social Top\”.

You can add your social media links here. This links also come in the top bar.

The forth category is \”Header Logo\” and \”Main Menu\”.


In the header logo section, you can add your website logo, and in the menu section you can add menu links for your website.

When you add, our all customisation looks like this.


Move on to the next category, The Fifth Category is \”Home Top Ads\”.


In this you can enter your AdSense Code, or other Ads Network Cods. In the Starting Just Simply Hide it by clicking the Eye Button.

The Sixth Category is \” News Ticker\”.


In this you don\’t need to change anything, it is the News Or Articles that you have published recently. They move with a great animation. If require you can can change its position according to your comfort, by dragging it to your desired position.

The seventh category is \” Main Posts \” and \” Social And Other Widgets \”.


This is the most important section for your blog to look more professional. For Customising this just follow these steps.

  1. The First Option is \”Blog Post\”, you can add your different categories blocks by Lables. Simply Click on the pencil Button. Then you land to a different small screen page, their you can properly customize your lables. In the Post Body Section, Just add the Lables you want to To see in that block, you can add as many you want by adding Comma.
  2. Click on Add Gadgets to add another Lable Block. And follow again the Step 1.
  3. Now the Pro Tip, How Many Block You need to add for a Good SEO and Fast Adsense Approval. So I suggest you to add minimum 6 Lables with different blocks.

In the Social Widgets, you can add your Slide-bars. Just Remove All Gadgets Their, by clicking the Eye Button. Only add Category, Lables, and Search Blog Gadget their, except then these Remove all the Gadgets.

The Eighth Category is \” Home Add Bottom\”.

In this you can add your AdSense or any other Ads Network Codes. In the beginning just remove this block by clicking the Eye Button.

The Ninth Category is About Bottom Slide-bars.

In this you can add Slide-bars like featured Post, Category, Social Buttons, Lables, Etc.

The Tenth and Last Is \”About Section\”.

In this you can add your About-Us, Your Site Logo, Menus, Social Media Buttons, Copyright Text, and Even Some Ads also. You can add them by clicking on the pencil Button. I recommend you to write a SEO Friendly About-Us Text. You have to Research on Google For Writing your About Section.

Now you have Done Customising and Setup Notable Theme in Blogger Like a Pro. Now you just need to add some articles, and publish them and After 5-6 Months you can Start Earning From Your Blog also.

So this is all for the day, Hope you like all Information that I provided, Like Setup Notable Theme in Blogger, Creating a Blogger Account, Doing Some Basic SEO setting in Blogger, and Support me also. In My Future Articles I write on How to Post a SEO Friendly Article in Blogger and WordPress, so stay tuned.

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