Whatsapp web; A simple guide on how to use the WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp isn\’t just made for chatting as there it was five to ten years before. WhatsAap has dynamically changed due to the needs for the digital world, and Mark Zuckerberg technically presumed this. He got possession over different online platforms such as WhatsApp or Instagram with Facebook to enhance productivity and today\’s digital needs.

In early 2015, the company launched its web version of WhatsApp for various purposes and needs. After a few years, the company\’s impact got down somehow due to less up-gradation of WhatsApp web, so the company has decided to sell the WhatsApp. And guess what, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has bought and transform the WhatsApp web and taken it to new heights that today we are seeing on completing every basic need of a digital dynamic market.

This article will tell you how to use WhatsApp Web through a simple guide and functioning of WhatsApp web. Today every single sector is tied up with WhatsApp to increase their business to new heights; therefore, these vulnerable needs keep pushing WhatsApp to introduce the perfect tool for simplifying the process. Therefore WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp web tool in 2015 to make the work easier for brands and users.


 How to use WhatsApp web: step by step guide

In the initial days, WhatsApp does make for chatting, sharing files, and voice messages. indeed, after 2015, the company launched its WhatsApp web to fulfill the demand of users, so let us understand completely how it works and a simple guide on how to use the web app.

Whatsapp web is wholly used as it was launch to use on mobile. Indeed, WhatsApp web can mirror your conversations of your WhatsApp mobile app, and the web version is still secured since it will use a cure code unique to every account. It would be easier for you to respond to your customer inquiries since you will be using your computer\’s keyboard to type in your response to increasing this is very helpful, if you\’re receiving hundreds of messages every day from different people, so you just needed computer or laptops to type faster using their keyboards on the widescreen for better understanding and to deal for business purpose or personally perhaps too.

For using WhatsApp web on your computer screen, it is mandatory to activate first correctly, and after doing all the processes, it will start showing your chats over there. Moreover, users have been seen asking if we have to scan the QR code for using WhatsApp web? So the answer is not; you just needed to log in just a single time and enjoy the access as much you wanted according to company guidelines.

How to activate your WhatsApp web, whether a personal or business account.

  • Step1-Open your WhatsApp personal or business app
  • Step 2-tap on the three dots, and you will see an on the top right corner.
  • Step 3-choose more options and settings
  • Step 4-choose the WhatsApp web; you will see the scan QR code page that you will use to scan a QR code that you will see on your browser, and on following the link on the WhatsApp web, there is complete instruction mentioned to activated WhatsApp web directly.
  • Step 5-first open your web browser and input the URL web.whatsapp.com.
  • Step 6-now scan the QR code using your WhatsApp mobile app.
  • Step 7-once you get how to use it, tap this button to start scanning the QR code.
  • Step 8-let\’s go to our computer\’s browser go to web.whatsapp.com, and this is the QR code that you will scan using your what\’s a mobile app. You may notice that if you don\’t check the QR code right away, it asks you to reload this image to generate a new code again to scan. Just use the app and scan.
  • The QR code of your WhatsApp web will be activated right away when you scan the QR code of your mobile phone. It has a notification that the WhatsApp web is activated if your internet connection on your mobile phone was interrupted or you\’re no longer connected to the internet. You will see this on your browser as you will load it. It means that for the WhatsApp web to work.

 Whatsapp web benefits and some important factors

Whatsapp web launch on the market to fill the demands of users which is obvious on the current scenario of digital marketing demands. It has tons of benefits and important factors to use the whatsapp web. Lets discuss comprehensively. 

 You are here using the web app. When composing a message, you can only send text messages with emojis, zips, and stickers. If you click on the mic, you are needed to use your computer\’s microphone and allow access to record voice messages. Click this button, then let the web use your mic. Just click the mic icon and record your voice. You will see the length of your recording, and you can click on the X icon to cancel the recording or click the check button to send the recording to your recipients, as you can also check on mobile for confirmations of the message being sent.

It is advised to contact their particular internet connection to mirror messages on the WhatsApp web. If you click on the WhatsApp status, you can see the status of your added WhatsApp contacts, but you cannot upload your status.

 If you click on the file icon, it will show you a drop-down menu of icons that you can choose from. You have photos and videos, camera documents, and contacts. If you click on photos and videos, you will open your directory to search for pictures and videos that you can share with your recipients, then add a caption here. You can also add emojis and add more files if you need them.

If you want to use a camera on WhatsApp web, you need to make sure the device has a camera or webcam.

 If you click documents, you can access your hard drive to search for documents you can send to your recipient and choose a copy; you may notice that you cannot add a caption. So here, you can either add another document or send this right away.

 If you tap on it, you\’ll be able to see the document without sending it to your contact\’s email address.

 If you click the contact, you can send one of your WhatsApp contact series; you can\’t. Once you receive that contact you shared, your recipient can send a message to that contact and add them to the WhatsApp contacts list.

 Suppose you click on the three dots inside the chat thread. In that case, you have more options to choose from, such as you can view the contact info, report business, block the contact, select messages, make notifications clear messages, and delete chat in this upper menu.

 Click the three dots, and you have more options, such as add a new group. You can check your profile, check archived chats, view starred messages, and then start all messages; here is the settings menu, which is only limited to notifications for sound alerts, change wallpaper colors, and view blocked contacts. You can even use a search bar to search for chats now that you have learned about activating WhatsApp web.

Using Whatsapp web as a marketing tool

Using WhatsApp web as a marketing tool is very effective in the current scenario after Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg introduced lots of tools in which market tool is also one of them through which you can run your business or different work through WhatsApp only.

Whatsapp web is a great tool that you can use once you have registered a number that could be a landline number or a mobile number that you will use for your WhatsApp personal or business account.

We\’ve learned about how to activate the WhatsApp web application on your web browser, which needs to be done only once then.. Use the WhatsApp web app to respond to contacts quickly. You can easily type in your response to your communications increase about your products or services using your computer.

It isn\’t delightful to see lots of messages popping on the screen every minute and the busy person working on the desktops, so WhatsApp web will help to view the same message on the screen as shown on your WhatsApp mobile app. However, with computer keyboards, you can type faster than using the phone\’s keypad, and you can send any media to your customers.

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Click these three, dots then click on create the group.

Here you can add participants that you want to add in during your group, which are your WhatsApp contacts that are saved as your contacts on your mobile phone even if you\’re not using your WhatsApp on the device mobile, so you have still the access to with those contact.

Here select the contacts you want to add to your group. If you want to remove any of your communications and share chosen, click the X icon under the name; you can add a photo or an icon for your group, then type the group subject.

 Here if you tell me the three dots on the group you have created, or any of the chat thread, you have the options to archive chats with notifications execute Marcos(assumed) in red, and the most important the pinch at if you have three-pin chats already select the chat thread to a pin, then you can pin another chat thread or create a group will be shown in the top of the chat list send one-to-one chats using the web app.

 If you click this new message icon, you can create a new chat to send your WhatsApp contacts. Doing this will save you time and allow you to access your mobile phone to send chat messages to one of your contacts to use quick replies. The web app types in the /p, and the list of predefined responses that you have created will be shown here. Then choose a prompt reply, and Sanitaire contacts your status and with contact stories.

You can also view the status uploaded by your contact so you can watch on the status section as you do on mobile. However, in your status section, you can see a list of your contacts who had status or stories the other plate 24 hours on the right side of the stream you can see some those are your stories in the number of people who viewed your stories beside the icon in this section, you can view the current time and date or what\’s up stories who is viewed by your context. You can tap on each of your stories and view them on your unlike on your mobile app, which lets you view your stories in a few seconds.

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