How to Write SEO Friendly Posts in Blogger ?

Are you Not able to Rank your articles on Google, or Finding a Proper way of writing a SEO friendly article in blogger, then my friend, you come at the right place. In this Article I’ll talk about how to write SEO Friendly Posts in Blogger. So First Understand why a SEO Friendly post is needed ?

What is the Need and Meaning of Writing a SEO Friendly Post in Blogger ?

So it is Very obvious that If you write a Proper post then, its chance of Ranking in Google Increases. Also It increases your Visitors Reading Time and Visitors Interaction to Your Site. So Basically Writing a Proper Post in Your Own Words, gives you Unique Visitors and Followers to Your Site.

Meaning of a SEO Friendly Post: A SEO Friendly Post Contains Proper Keywords Research and their placement in the Article in a Most Probable Sentences, Use of Unique and Content Matched Images, Use of Headings, Use of Subheadings, Proper Paragraphs Margins, and lastly Unique and Attractive title and Featured Images.

If you Know all these things then you are already going perfect in your writing field, if by doing these things also your article not rank even on low competition keywords, then you have to create backlinks to your article. Now if you don’t know how to create a proper backlink to a High DA – PA sites then Just follow this blog I’ll cover this topic in future.

In Some cases, if you are New in Blogging field and don’t know a Single word about these things, then don’t worry at all, I am here to help to till your blogging success.

How to Write SEO Friendly Posts in Blogger?

For Writing a SEO Friendly Post in Blogger Just Follow below steps, I’ll Guarantee you, that you Write a Proper SEO Friendly Post for your blogger. But if you are a WordPress User, then please don’t follow these things, as the margins are Totally different. Read : How to Write SEO Friendly Posts in WordPress ?

  1. Proper Keyword Research: If you want to Easily rank on Google, then a Keyword Research is the Real key behind your Rank on Google. I personally recommend if you are new blogger, don’t trust any tool. Manually Find Low Competition Keywords for your article, so that it can rank. Now if you ask how to find Such Low competitions keywords manually? Don’t worry I am again here only.

Procedures of Finding a Low Competition Keyword:

  1. Search Your Main Focus Keyword on Google, for example if my Main Focus Keyword is “How to Make Money”, then I Just Simply type this In Google. Now it is Impossible to Rank on this Keyword for Me as Well as Any New or Even Old Blogger, as this Keyword Required Trust with Google, which we cannot made instantly.
  2. Now scroll down the Page till End and You See a Widget by Officially Google, that is, Related Searches. Now this Keywords are also not low competitions keywords, all you have to Do is Just Write them in a File or where-ever you want.
  3. Now Search those Related Search again on Google and Again Scroll down the Page, Now the Suggested Related Searches are the Real Low Competitions Keywords, You Can Write on these Topics to Get Easily Rank on Google.
  1. Insertion of Researched Keywords Properly in Your Blog: If you have done a Proper keyword research, now the next step is you have to Insert Those Keywords in Your Articles, this is the Most Challenging part of Writing a SEO Friendly Post. There are Few points which you should remember before inserting your keywords in Your SEO friendly Post.
  1. Your Main Focus Keyword Should be Use Only one time in H2 Level Heading.
  2. Your Related Keywords Must be in a Proper and Readable Sentences.
  3. You Must now write Infinity Keywords in your post a Proper SEO Friendly Post only contains 6-7 Related Keywords and 1-2 Focus Keywords.
  4. Max-to-Max you Should use your main focus keywords 4 Times in your Post, According to Max Word Limit. For Example, if I write a 700-800 Words article then I can Use my Keywords only 4 Times. If you use it more then 7 times then Your Post is Named by google as Over Optimized and It is not rank of Google.
  1. Use of Images in Your Content: Everyone Use At least 1 Image on Their article as A Featured Image, But You Know You are Doing it Wrongly? Now you ask Why, what’s bad in that. If you are Using Copyrighted Images that is Directly Downloaded From Google then My Friend Just Close your Dream to Become a Successful Blogger. As Now the Technology is Increasing at a Rapid rate, so Google has developed Many tools to detect weather the Image is Original or It is Copyrighter. Not only Unique Images are Necessary, also you need to Add Text in Your Image, It can Be Any, But I Recommend you to add the Focus and its Related Keywords in Your Featured Image.
  2. Use of Headings in Your Article: You Should Use H2, H3, H4, types headings in your article. It is must thing of Writing a SEO Friendly Post, that you have to use Headings in your article. You Can Add your Keyword, and Its Related Keywords as a Headings and Subheadings Respectively.
  3. Use of Attractive Featured Image: Now this Factor Does not Affect your Ranking, but definitely it Increases the User Trust to Your Site. You Must be Creative of making a Good attractive Featured Image.

Now We Come At the End of How to Write SEO Friendly Posts in Blogger Article.

After doing these 5 things I can Guarantee you that you have written a Proper SEO Friendly Blog Post in Your Article, now all You Need to Do it, Just Create Backlinks to that Post, to Become very Trustful to Google. In some cases, like my friend, who writes Spined and Copy-Paste Content in his post, and ask me how can this Post Rank? Comment your Personal Opinion About My Friend!!

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