How To Write SEO Optimised Article For Website ?

If you are Really Troubling in Finding a Really effective way of Writing a SEO Optimised Article, then this tutorial is Completely for you. In this article we See Different Ways of writing a Good SEO Friendly Content.

So, basically I divided the SEO Content in 4 different parts, out of which I discuss 3 parts in this article.

The very first and Most Important part of SEO Content is Perfect Keyword Research.

Keyword Research : Key Behind Your Article to Rank

Doing Keywords research is easy as well as Hard for some persons. If you are a beginner in Blogging then this is the Real Key of Success In your blogging Journey. If You are landed on this article by Google, then you Have a Great Idea How I optimizes my this content to Rank on Google.

Ranking of Keywords with High KD, i.e., Keyword Difficulty is Very Hard. In starting you are even now allowed to think for Ranking Your Article on High Positions. So better you find keywords with low KD.

If you trust me, Google Is the Best Place to Find Low Competition Keywords for your Content, and this cannot be done by any Tool even paid or Free. Tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Etc, Gives you good idea of keywords with low KD, But In Actual the Keywords that these tools Tells, is sometimes, Impossible to Rank, even your Blog having Enough Backlinks.

Points to Remember before Finding a Low Competition Keywords :-

  1. Always Go With Keywords which is Never been Used by Top Websites, in your Starting blogging Journey.
  2. If your Blog or Website is Old And Getting Some Traffic, and also you want to rank in Your desired keyword, then, you have to follow \”See and React Strategy\” Just Click on this to know what is SEE AND REACT STRATEGY.
  3. New Bloggers Have Higher Chance to Rank on Low Competition Keywords, By Making Enough Backlinks. Don\’t think of ranking on High Keywords by making Backlinks if your Blog is New.

How to Find a Perfect Low Competition Keywords :-

Their are Some free tools which I am Using myself and Recommend you to Use for Keyword Research.

But the Most Important Requirement is You Should have a Laptop with Good Internet Connectivity.

The First Tool is One of the Most Famous tool in the world, This is Available for Free on Earth, and Every Big as Well as New Blogger use this tool to Actually Rank their articles. The Tool is \”Google Related Search\” which is available already in your phone and Browser already form many Years.

Their is Not a Single Rocket Science in Using Google Related Keywords.

  1. Enter the Main Low Competition Keyword, in Google Search. Scroll till end of Page and You See Google Related Searches.
  2. These Are the Realtime data of Searches that are Made by more then 1000 Users in Past 7 Days.
  3. You See Many Related Searches, but You are not supposed to Use Every Search Keyword in Your Article, you Should only use

The Second Tool is Available only on Google Chrome, i.e., \”Keywords Everywhere\”, I personally like this Extension very much and Using from past 1-2 Years, as I am also a New Blogger.

In this tool whenever you Search on Google anything it Shows all The Low Competition Keywords, that Google is Suggesting, Although you can Find it Manually, By just pressing A Space After your Keyword.

But This Tool is Helpful because,

  1. It Shows Almost Most Relavent Keywords of your Main Keyword
  2. Gives you exact Monthly Traffic on your main as well as Relavent Keyword.
  3. Give You CPC, i.e, Cost Per Click in Google Adsense.
  4. Very helpful thing this gives the Amount of Competition on Your Keyword and Relavent Keywords.
  5. Lastly This Keyword Research tool Gives you option to export all the Relavent Keywords in a CSV i.e., basically in Excel Sheet.

After Using only These two tools you can Be Successful in Your Blogging Journey, But you have to do Some Hard Work and Your Way Of thinking is also Must be good.

If You Don\’t want to pain your Body, You Can Use a Paid tool like Ahrefs, Semrush, And Others. These tools Can Give you a Detailed Analytical Sheet of All The Keywords that is Present in Google, in Just a Single Click. Even you can decide your Blog Niche By using these tools.

After Doing these all you are Perfectly Ready with your Keyword, Now you Just need to Learn How to Write a SEO Optimised Article to Get Instantly Ranked on Google.

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How to Write SEO Optimised Article For Your Blog :-

What is Actually a Seo Optimised Article means, to you? First Ask to Yourself what does it actually means. For Instance, I tell you a SEO Optimised Article is a Type of Content, that Forces Google to Rank on Google and Also Readers to Get Attracted by your Article.

What is The Perfect Word Length For a SEO Optimised Article ?

The Perfect and Most Relavent Length is Not Fixed, this is different on Every Keyword.

How you can Know Perfect Length of Article :-

  1. Analysis Your Competition, How many words your Competition have written, you have to write 200 Words more then your Competition to Beat it. For Example if your Competition have written 1000 Words, then you have to write your content of more then 1200+ Words.
  2. Sometimes if your Competition or any other have written on that topic then you can Write a Minimum of 500-600 Words to Get Rank of Google Directly.

Internal Linking :-

Greatly Effective and Most Important Part of Your Article, to Get In touch with Google. Always keep in Mind that you have to do a Strong Friendship with Google to Rank the Article. And you should know what your friend like or what not. Internal Linking is The Most Favourite Thing that Google Likes, So Do it Compulsory.

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How to Do Internal Linking :-

  1. It is Just the Link of Your Previously written article in your New Article.
  2. You have to Find Related Links that is a Perfect match of your Keyword also that you have previously written.
  3. Just Simply Create their link in your New Article and you\’re done.

Outbound Links :-

This Plays a Normal Role in Ranking Your Article, I personally don\’t use this in my every article but I use in some of my posts. It is a Link of other Website To Your Website, Targating your Related Keywords.

The Important thing that you have to know is,

  1. Don\’t Link your Main Keyword, in any of Your Article, of any kind of link. Your Friend does not link this at all.
  2. Don\’t Give more then 2 Outbound Links in your article.
  3. Only Try to Give 1 DoFollow Link in your article, otherwise your Linked Outbound Article Will Rank.

How Many Times Your Keyword Should Repeat in Your Article :-

This Properly depends on your article length, but on an average I have Calculated all the Matrixs and Comes at the end of resultant.

  1. 300-400 Words Articles With a 3-4 Word Long Tail Keyword – Your Main Keyword Should Repeat 2 Times in your article.
  2. 400-600 Words Article With 3-4 or 2-3 Word Long Keyword – Your Keyword Should Repeat 4-5 Times in Your Article.
  3. 600-1000 Words Article – Your Keyword Can Be Any Word Long, And Should Repeat 8 Times in Your Article.

The Pro Tip I have to Give is, you can Repeat your Relavent Keywords more then your Main keywords.

And This is the Last Method of Writing a SEO Optimised Article For Your Blog.

How to Get Good Content Idea For Your Blog :-

For Getting a Good Content Idea for writing a Article is Just Analysis your Competition, what they have written, as Previously discussed that You have to write more than your Competition, so Always Try to Use your brain to Write Article.

The Second Best Efficiency way of Content Idea is \”Google People Also Search For\” Portion, trust me Google Gives these keywords only for you to write Article. But also these keywords that are theri is not much searched, these are the keywords that Google Want Someone to Write a Briefly Explained Article. And as Google is your friend you have to complete his wish.

Now I End Up With this artivlr for Now, this article is basically about writing a Good SEO Optimised Content for your Blog, and We Covered also.

In Our Future Articles we Write briefly on How To Green Yoast SEO, How To Find Content Idea for Your Article in Details, so stay Tuned !!

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