HTC Desire 10 Pro review, AnTutu Benchmark score

HTC is usually thought of as a company that makes high-end devices that look good. Their flagship phones have always been some of the best metal-sculpted phones on the market for a long time. Their polished design style isn\’t just for high-end products anymore, which is a good thing. However, the Desire brand of phones has always been a mixed bag when it comes to quality and performance.

No, HTC doesn\’t make bad mid-range phones. Instead, none of them have had a big impact on the market yet. Probably, the Desire Eye is the only Desire smartphone that we can think of in recent years. It had 13MP cameras on both the front and back.

In India, the Desire 10 Pro and the HTC 10 Evo were both launched a few months ago. The Desire 10 Pro is the most recent in the line. We used the phone for about a week to see if it was \”desirable.\”

HTC Desire 10 Pro Quick Specification

  • Dimensions (mm) – 156.5 x 76 x 7.9
  • Weight (g) – 165.00
  • Battery capacity (mAh) – 3000
  • Refresh Rate – 60 Hz
  • Screen size (inches) –5.5
  • Touchscreen – Yes
  • Resolution – 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Aspect ratio – 16:9
  • Processor – Octa-core
  • Processor make – MediaTek MT6755
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Internal storage – 64GB
  • Rear camera – 13-megapixel (f/2.2)

HTC Desire 10 Pro Camera

HTC has had some problems with its cameras in the past, but as the HTC 10 shows, the company is getting better and better at using them. For the Desire 10 Pro, HTC used a 20MP sensor with an f/2.2 aperture lens and two LED flashes to make it a smartphone that can take great pictures. It also has laser autofocus.

This phone has a 13MP camera with an f/2.2 lens that can take 1080p videos and has an Auto-HDR setting on the front. It can also take 1080p videos and has Auto-HDR. An f/2.4 lens is on the back of the camera.

The camera app has an easy-to-use interface. Panorama, pro or manual mode, video, hyper-lapse, selfie photo, selfie panorama, and selfie video are just some of the options you can choose from. You can also choose from selfie photo, selfie panorama, and selfie video. In addition to giving you control over exposure; the manual mode lets you shoot in RAW format.

The Zoe camera takes a short film in a high-speed mode, like the live photo feature on an iPhone. The selfie panorama option lets you add more people to your selfies by tilting the camera and taking a lot of pictures with the camera. If you want to make a video faster than normal, you can use Hyper-lapse, which lets you speed up videos up to 12 times!

When it comes to the front-facing camera, selfies are only a little better than average. The video was good enough for 1080p, but there was nothing special about it.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Battery

The battery in the phone has a capacity of 3,000mAh and can be charged quickly. With a charger that charged at 2.0 Amps, the battery went from 0% to 100% in less than an hour when (rather than the included charger). The battery life was decent enough. We were able to use the phone all day and still have about 20% to 25% of the battery left at the end of the day.

This is based on results from the PCMark Work Battery life test, which found that the OnePlus 3 had a battery life of 9 hours and 9 minutes. This is lower than the OnePlus 3\’s battery life.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Performance

An MT6755 Helio P10 SoC runs the device. It has an octa-core processor that runs at 1.8 GHz and a Mali-T860MP2 GPU that runs at 1.0 GHz to do graphics processing. It also comes with 4GB of RAM. Phones ranging from Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000, come with this configuration. At close to Rs 27,000, this is a low-spec configuration.

People can text, send emails, and watch movies with a breeze. CSR2 and Asphalt 8 test which ran for about 40 minutes, didn’t make the device hot. However, the gameplay were also not very smooth, with frame drops all over the place. A few game-menus took longer to open than they should have, but there were no big problems with the whole thing.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Design

HTC does not leave any gaps when it comes to the design of their phones. Desire 10 Pro is made of plastic on the back. The front is made out of glass. It is very light for its size, and it has a luxurious feel to it. Do you remember what we said? We said there was plastic in there, but it doesn\’t feel cheap in the least. You can see golden accents all over the back of the phone. A little bling can\’t hurt, right?

It is easy to hold in one hand because of its size. The device has chrome on the sides, and gold on the camera ring, but the finish is a little more soft than on the iPhone 5. The phone\’s power and volume controls are located on the right side. However, even though the power button has a unique textured finish, it feels too close to the body. The phone\’s SIM card tray is located on the left side. With its hybrid design, you can use either two nano SIM cards or a nano SIM and an SD card.

Headphones are on the top of the device, and the micro-USB port, the mic and speakers are on the bottom. On the front, there is a 5.5-inch touchscreen, as well as capacitive navigation keys at the bottom. Yes, they are back-lit. The front camera, the earpiece, a few sensors, and a notification light are all on top.

There is a large camera lens is in the upper left corner of the back. It is followed by a dual LED flash and a laser autofocus system, which are both below it. There is also a second microphone, a fingerprint scanner, and the HTC logo.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Display

The screen is 5.5 inches wide and has 401 pixels per inch density. People love this size, even though it\’s a little bigger to hold in one hand. Anyhow, HTC has chosen an IPS LCD screen that looks like it\’s good. Even though it has a very small black border around it, the bezels look very normal to the naked eye.

Above and below the screen, there is a lot of wasted space that could have been used better. This would have made the whole design more comfortable. HTC hasn\’t said which version of Gorilla Glass is equipped on the screen, but it does!

When it comes to the quality, we can say that we had no problems with it. The screen is bright enough to be used outside, even in direct sunlight. Colours are pretty close to how they look in real life, and you can change the colour temperature of the screen. People can see well from a wide range of angles, and there is no sign of a colour shift.

The touch responsiveness is perfect, and your fingers move smoothly across the screen. This is something we\’ve seen in a lot of HTC phones in the past.

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HTC Desire 10 Pro AnTuTu Benchmark Score

HTC Desire 10 Pro AnTuTu benchmark score is 42,017.

As of the 6th of January in 2022, it outperforms 47 percent of mobile phones in the world. You can compare its performance to that of Infinix Hot 4.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Pricing

HTC Desire 10 Pro (4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM) – 26,000.

HTC Desire 10 Pro Pros and Cons


  • A Decent FHD+ Display
  • Excellent Camera
  • Sturdy Design
  • No Bloatware
  • Conventionally Placed Fingerprint Scanner


  • Average front cameras (Not good at all)
  • Plenty of Bezels (Especial when compared to phones nowadays)
  • Laggy UI (Due to a slow MediaTek Chipset)
  • Average Performance (Again due to MediaTek chipset)
  • Low Battery Life (3,000 mAh)

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HTC needs to change its priorities in order to be successful. The performance of the smartphone is about the same as that of a cheap phone, which we found to be a pleasant surprise. If you sell a phone like this in the same market as other great devices like Mi 11, it’s surely a bad idea.

It costs a lot of money, with an asking price of Rs 26,490 as of this writing. A price of less than Rs 15,000 would have been fine. The Mi 11 is a great phone that costs only Rs 1,500 more than the Desire 10 Pro. This makes it even better value. Not only does the Mi 11 have a better performance package, but it also looks better. It is also getting more software support more quickly (at the very least, it is way faster than HTC). You can check out our top 5 best Camera smartphones.

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