Oppo patents three smartphone designs with secondary displays

Chinese smartphone producer Oppo has licensed three distinctive smartphone plans with optional presentations. As revealed by TechRadar, each of the three plans highlight a back mounted optional presentation, which is incorporated into the telephone\’s camera island. What\’s more the second smartphone with a similar presentation is of a square shape. The third cell phone could accompany a greater showcase underneath the camera arrangement.


Right now, there is no word in the licenses gave by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) regardless of whether these screens are contact touchy. Oppo is additionally apparently chipping away at a shrewd ring that can function admirably with brilliant glasses.

A Chinese insider revealed that from the QCC data set, they observed that Oppo had presented a patent for its shrewd ring and it was endorsed by the Chinese specialists. The patent portrays the shrewd ring as wearable and is viewed as a design expansion to savvy glasses.

The organization as of late reported the Oppo Air Glass, an assistive reality gadget. It is a glass that upholds client association. It is likewise furnished with a self-created Spark Micro Projector.

In the mean time, Oppo has been allowed a patent for another innovation that could be utilized in its future wearable gadgets.

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