Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charging Disk Review

The Orbit MagSafe wireless charging disk is made by the Charby team. It runs on both iPhones and Android devices, so it can be used by everyone. If you want to charge your phone through its case, you can do so. On nearly any surface, it may be used. If you want to pre-order the new wireless charger, you can do so on Kickstarter. It has strong magnets, a USB-C port, magnetic auto alignment, over temperature protection, and 15W of charging power.

To help with the project, people can make early-bird pledges for around $35 or £26 (depending on current exchange rates). As long as the Orbit campaign meets its goal and manufacturing goes without a hitch, international shipping is expected to start sometime in September 2021.


  • Magnetic Wireless Charger with a 15W Power Supply
  • A magnetic field helps it connect to your phone\’s wireless charging coil with great precision. There is no need to adjust or target. In a matter of seconds, you may begin charging.
  • Because it\’s small, it\’s easy to hold. You also don\’t have to worry about a wire getting stuck in the phone\’s port when you switch between streaming and looking at social media. The two of them are convenient and ergonomic with each other.
  • The Orbit Wireless Charger can charge any Qi-enabled phones, like iPhones and Android phones, at speeds of up to 15W. Tablets may also be recharged with this device. It has even been tested to be 24% faster than the Apple MagSafe charger. This is because it is more efficient, which also reduces the amount of heat it makes.
  • The aluminium body: Aluminium is a strong and light material. The Orbit Wireless Charger also spreads heat more efficiently than other wireless chargers because it has a better thermal conductivity than other wireless chargers.
  • It is made of the best vegan leather. It helps add a strong, scratch-resistant layer that is also nice to the touch because it has a very smooth surface.

Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charging Disk Specifications

  • All Qi-enabled devices can be charged wirelessly at a rate of 15W, which is very fast.
  • Qi compatibility makes it possible for the device to automatically protect itself from short circuits and other safety risks.
  • With the charger, there\’s an ergonomic ring holder cum stand that makes it easy to set or hold the device while you\’re looking at the screen, making phone calls, or browsing the web.
  • All plastic smartphone cases with a thickness of less than 3mm can be used with this item.
  • To show that there is a foreign object in the room, the device is connected to a charger, the battery is full, and so on, there are LED Light Indicators.
  • Wireless charger, Type-C cable and 6-month warranty are all included in the package.

Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charging Disk Compatibility Devices

The following devices are compatible with Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charging Disk

  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 8-12
  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPods Wireless Charging Case
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Google products
  • Pixel 4 and
  • Pixel 3.

Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charging Disk Pros and Cons


  • This MagSafe charger has Qi certification which is the wireless charging standard (worldwide). So, it can charge more than 400 different types of devices.
  • It has a leather body and the material used is sturdy Aluminium. So, it is very easy to use ergonomically.
  • It can charge at speeds up-to 15W which is almost 24% faster than the Apple MagSafe charger!
  • It uses type-C connectivity. So, you can use it seamlessly with a lot of devices.
  • It has an ergonomic ring holder in which you can fit-in your device.


  • Only one device may be charged at a time.
  • The pad is a bit small, so you have to adjust the wireless coil of your phone accordingly.
  • It’s a bit on the pricey side, though Apple’s MagSafe is a lot more expensive.

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