Top 5 Best Tripods under 1000 in India |2022|

Nowadays, since everyone’s is turning into a digital media/content creator, a tripod is a must! It helps keeping the phone/camera stable while taking delectable shots. So, today, in this article, we have taken the pains to cover the 5 best tripods under 1000 in India. Let’s start!

1. Photron Stedy 500

People can use this Photron tripod because it\’s strong and has a smooth-moving pan head that\’s easy to use. This tripod costs just over a 1000 rupees. There is a rubber grip on the tripod\’s legs to keep them in place. The tripod\’s body is made of aluminium alloy. The pan head makes it easy to pan around 360 degrees while you\’re taking pictures because it has a handle. It comes with a smartphoneholder and a holder for an action camera.


This tripod, which has a height of 1350mm (54 inches) and a weight capacity of 2.75kg, is quite big. Due to these reasons, you can use this tripod with both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. As for the knobs and the pan head, they\’re both smooth. You can use this tripod to make sure the horizon is straight while you\’re moving. You can also check ground level while you\’re taking pictures and change it by moving the tripod legs.

2. ProSmart Aluminium Foldable Tripod

It is made of aluminium alloy and is very light and strong. It has a three-way head that allows for the most flexibility. You can quickly change the camera\’s orientation from landscape to portrait mode by pressing the button that corresponds to the mode you want. Due to the fact that this tripod can rotate 360 degrees, it can be used to take full panoramas. The swivel handle letsyou move around freely while filming.


Besides that, it also comes with a level tester, which can be used to check and change its horizontal position if the ground isn\’t level. Because the knobs are close together, they can be tuned to change how smoothly the handle moves. Moreover, it comes with a bag that can be used to carry the tripod and a holder for your phone.

There are three legs on this tripod, and they can be folded up to a height of 13.8 inches. It can be extended to a maximum height of 41.3 inches. It is a fairly light tripod that weighs about 410g. If you have a big camera, you wouldn’t want to use this tripod.


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3. Techlife Flexible Gorillapod

It\’s made of high-quality ABS. When compared to other camera tripods that are made of plastic, this makes it a very strong stand that will last for a very long time. It makes sure that your phone, camera, DSLR, and tripod stand are safe even when they are handled very rough. There is an anodized finished spinning sphere to make sure that you get a strong and durable construction for your camera, mobile tripod, DSLR tripod, or GoPro tripod so that it can handle a lot of weight. Along with an angle lock, of course.

It comes with a mobile holder, which means you don\’t need to buy a separate mobile holder for your tripod. It is easy to carry around all day, and you can even use it to vlog while you hold it.


There aren\’t many tripods that are taller than this one, but it has a few interesting features. It comes with a fluid head that lets you move your camera or phone to the desired angle and then lock it in place. Moreover, it\’s 12 inches tall and weighs 380 grammes.

4. Venganza Flexible Gorrilapod

This is another Gorillapod tripod for phones. Because of how the legs are made, this one is very strong and has a good grip. You can take pictures from any angle because the legs are flexible, making this a one-of-a-kind piece of gear. The ball-shaped structure of its legs give it a better grip, allowing it to hang on a wide range of surfaces. You can hold it and use it to record videos while you\’re on the go. Because it can be used on a wide range of surfaces and environments, you can set it up or keep it in unusual places for your unique and creative vlogging images and videos.


Because this flexi-pod is so big and can hold up to 2kg of weight, it can hold any DSLR camera with ease. If you have an adapter screw, you can use it to attach both a standard 14 inch camera and other 3/8-inch professional tripod heads to your camera body at the same time. It has a place for your phone. Moreover,it\’s 13 inches tall and weighs 349 grammes.

5. Sprinto VN-228

When you compare it to a standard tripod, this one is a little more compact. An easy-to-move platform for taking low-angle photos, or even just as a table, is a better fitted jobfor this tripod. You can fit this small tripod in your pocket. Due to its light weight and compact form factor, it is extremely portable. To put it on a wall, it needs to be on a straight surface. You can also use it as a small handle for vlogging with your phone. This is a very light and small tripod for your phone.

The Sprinto mobile tripod has a ball head that can be moved to the angle you want by turning a knob on the top. You can mount your action camera or cell phone to the holder with the screws attached. Also, it weighs about 100 grammes.

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