Top 5 Free OCR Tools To Extract Useful Information From Image

OCR is a remarkable technology. So, which of the OCR tools should you use to extract important information? 

Experts predict OCR or optical character recognition to become even more inevitable for businesses in 2022. That’s why it’s growing in popularity already, as many writers, marketers, businesses, and people from all facets of life use this technology every day. 

That’s why it’s imperative to find out just which tool should you be using. However, all this begs the question: why is it essential to use OCR? Before you talk about the tool, isn’t it important to understand what the tool is made of?

It is, but it’s also essential to understand how OCR extracts information. Moreover, if OCR can help extract data from unlikely sources, such as blurred images or unreadable handwritten text.

So, to understand all these fascinating elements about OCR and the best tools available today, let’s dig in deeper: 

What Are OCR Tools?

OCR tools are programs that allow the user to extract texts present in images. You can either upload the image to them, or some OCR apps allow you to take a picture of your required text. 

These tools depend on various elements, such as AI and NLP algorithms.

The basic function of an OCR tool is to capture/upload the image into the program, as it scans it for shapes and patterns on paper. 

Then, it recognizes those shapes with the help of NLP & AI then converts them into text. This allows the user to use the extracted text in editable format. 

Who Should Use OCR Tools? 

The implication of OCR tools in today’s world is unending. They can be used by anyone who wishes to use information present in the format of scanned documents, images, or physical manuscripts. However, here are the three facets of life that need them the most:

  • Writers

Writers need OCR the most these days, and it should be obvious. Because writers need information, which is usually present in text format on scanned images or physical texts. That’s when a writer can use OCR to abstract transcripts out of such format and use them as editable text. 

  • Businesses & Marketers 

Businesses require OCR just as much since they need their valuable physical data in the shape of bills, ledgers, and record books of other types. Marketers need the same data to analyze various aspects of marketing and execute strategies with data automation.

  • Academies 

Academies require OCR extensively as well. Mainly because many academies today depend on vast libraries of virtual books. That’s why turning said physical books into virtual formats is becoming one of the common practices in academia. 

Therefore, academies are also the ones with the most use of OCR. They can ensure better access to valuable text for their students and teachers.

How Do OCR Tools Work?

The basics of an OCR tool depend on various factors. One of such factors is the key essential of OCR itself; others include IWR, ICR & IMR/OMR. Here’s what they do:

  • IWR or intelligent word recognition uses AI to read hand or typewritten text
  • ICR or intelligent character recognition thoroughly recognizes scruffy text by reading particular characters
  • IMR or intelligent mark recognition is ideal to analyze marks or other shapes on a paper or image

Each one of these aspects read the specific section of text and extract the said elements from their source material. 

Top 5 Free OCR Tools To Extract Text From Images

If you’re looking to benefit from OCR and all its aforementioned types, then here are 5 tools that you should use: 


Prepostseo’s Image To Text Converter is the best tool that you can use today. It employs various OCR techs, including ICR and OMR, to detect texts of all kinds from various image types.


As you can see, the tool also offers a simplistic user-interface design, which you can use easily. On top of that, it also provides a mobile phone app:


Which makes it one of the only few tools that offer both online and mobile app OCR.

  1. Online OCR

Online OCR is one of the leading OCR tools today. This tool can help you detect text from all sorts of images. Moreover, it offers a simple yet intriguing dashboard. See for yourself:


As shown here, the tool can take up to 15 MB of files and convert them into DOCX, XLSX, or TXT files. This makes it one of the most convenient tools that anyone can use. Moreover, the OCR itself in this tool is quite effective at reading from all sorts of texts.

  1. New OCR

New OCR or Free Online OCR is one of the easiest and most convenient tools that you can find on the internet. This remarkable tool uses old-school techniques, and it’s ideal for typewritten texts.


While it might struggle with handwritten texts, its performance with other types makes it a viable option for writers today. Since this tool offers a clean and unique scan of one image at a time, it also efficiently captures text. 

  1. OCRConvert.Com is yet another great tool for quick and convenient conversation. This tool allows you to either upload the image or provide its URL to capture text from it. Then, you can export the text in a TXT file.


The options on this tool may not be many, but they’re just enough to make this OCR converter an easy and reliable option for you.


PDFtoWord is a remarkable tool that can help you extract text from PDF files. Why is this convenient? Because sometimes, books or longer manuscripts are in PDF form.


Therefore, this tool can help you convert those images conveniently and within a few seconds—depending on PDF file size. Therefore, this tool should be on your list of free OCR tools.


These are the five effective tools you can use to extract text from images. Therefore, pick the one that’s more suitable for your need since they all are ideal for any sort of image or text. 

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