Top 5 Wireless Mouse Under Rs.1000

A wireless mouse is an excellent addition to any computer. With the right type of mouse, you can use it anywhere at anytime. However, most people think that there are only a few types of mice and do not matter much, but this is not true. You can easily find many types of mouse available in the market today, and if you are looking for a top 5 wireless mouse under Rs 1000, then the best thing for you to do is to make sure that you go through the entire range of models available to you.

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a wireless mouse is the cost. This will make a huge difference. Some wireless mice are expensive, while others are cheap compared to others. Some of them are mid-budget too, which will be just perfect for you as long as you do not mind spending a little bit extra on it.

So, have a look at the top 5 wireless mouse under Rs.1000 are listed below:

Dell WM 126 Wireless Optical Mouse

The Dell mouse is the 7th most famous mouse in India. This tech giant has offered a beautiful, high-performance gadget that delivers at such a small price. The design of the mouse is awe-inspiring. The cost of this mouse is 886 INR. Below are some of the features of The Dell WM 126 Wireless Optical Mouse:

Dell WM 126 Wireless Optical Mouse


  • Brand – Dell
  • Unique feature – Wireless, Optical
  • Movement Detection Technology – Optical
  • Colour – Black
  • Number of buttons – 3 

Pros and Cons of the Dell WM 126 Wireless Optical Mouse


  • It has the excellent battery life
  • The orientation of this mouse is left and right
  • It is a small, comfortable rock shape design.
  • The buttons are well proportioned
  • One year warranty on hardware


  • Some users complain about connectivity problem

Lenovo 300 wireless mouse

The Lenovo 300 is an affordable compact mouse that can easily fit your hand and is built strong for last long. It is not the most ergonomic mouse but gets the work done and is an excellent addition for working on a laptop or PC. It has a long-lasting battery life of up to 12 months. This mouse is a compact and lightweight device which are easy fits in a pocket.

Lenovo 300 wireless mouse


  • Model Name – 300
  • System requirement – windows 7, windows 8, windows 10
  • Sales package – wireless mouse, USB Reciever, AAA Battery
  • Compatible devices – Desktop, Laptop 
  • Color – Black
  • Wireless Frequency – 2.4 GHz
  • Number of batteries – 1 
  • Power source – Battery
  • Battery Type – AAA
  • Bluetooth – No 

Pros and cons of Lenovo 300 wireless mouse:


  • It is slim, light, smooth, and fingers slide very easily.
  • It\’s an excellent product, very comfortable.
  • Small, easy to hold.
  • Comfortable to work


  • This mouse is not comfortable for professional use
  • The key of this mouse is very hard
  • Some users complain about low connectivity
  • Not good for gamers 

Hp x3500 wireless mouse

The HP brand is the most trusted brand that delivers excellent and high-performance gadgets that make you feel good at your computer. It is like any regular mouse with two push buttons and a scroll wheel for easy use. The mouse will grip well in your palm, allowing you to enjoy wireless connections with great precision. Below are some of the features of The HP X3500 Wireless Mouse:

Hp x3500 wireless mouse


  • Model Name – x3500
  • System requirement – Windows XP, Vista, 7,8
  • Sales package –HP X3500 wireless mouse, Two AA Batteries, software and documentation, warranty card.
  • Control – 2 
  • Color – Black 
  • Part Number – H4K65AA#ACJ
  • Bluetooth – No 

Pros and Cons of the HP X3500 Wireless Mouse


  • This mouse is smart and has an attractive design for smooth browsing and comfort.
  • It runs on a single AA battery 
  • Affordable price at 700 rupees


  • The glossy finish on the top attracts dirt, making the mouse look clean.

HP is a trusted brand pushing wireless technology around the world with little well-designed gadgets like mice. The HP X3500 look and performance are fantastic, easy to use, and it is very comfortable.

Logitech M185 wireless mouse 

This mouse is a straightforward and solid plug-in mouse that will adapt to your workspace comfortably while leaving your workspace clean and free of clutter. The mouse is contoured and offers a 2.4GHz wireless connection, resulting in a fast data transfer and a quick results display. It\’s a long-lasting product made by Logitech which comes with a 1 year Logitech warranty. The starting price of Logitech M185 is 760 INR on amazon.

Logitech M185 wireless mouse


  • Model name – M185
  • System Requirement – Android, windows, mac
  • Technology Used – Optical Mouse
  • Sales Package – Mouse, Battery, Nano Reciever 
  • Color – Blue 
  • Power source – 1 AA battery 
  • Other features – Logitech advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, Plug and played, comfy, contoured shape, 1-year battery life.
  • Bluetooth – No 

Pros and cons of Logitech M185:


  • It is portable
  • This mouse is Light Weight
  • It is a Nano Receiver
  • The battery life of this is good
  • It is built with good quality 
  • Good Wireless Range
  • Looks Beautiful
  • It is Affordable


  • The \”Click\” sound from the Logitech mouse button is a bit loud, sometimes distracting.
  • ON/OFF switch not made for every type of hand.
  • This mouse is not suitable for everyone because of its small size.

Portronics por -689 wireless mouse

This mouse is excellent for people that are on their computers for long hours. It takes the stiffness away from the wrist as a result of constant movement. The starting price of this mouse is 545 INR. This mouse is affordable because its price is less than 1000 INR. The mouse is beautiful with a unique shape and design that may not be comfortable for everyone.

Portronics por -689 wireless mouse


  • Model Name – Por – 689
  • System requirement – Mac, Os, and Linux
  • Sales package – 1 mouse 
  • Color – black 

Some of the pros and cons of portronics por -689 mouse:


  • This mouse is smooth and great for browsing
  • Its scroll button is very soft and free
  • The ergonomic design takes the stress off your wrist
  • It is compatible with Linux, Window Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Window 8, Mac
  • Its battery life is durable.
  • The DPI switch on the puck is 3 optical sensors with 800, 1200, and 1600 respectively.


  • Not great for gamers

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