What is Technology and Its Positive and Negative Impacts

What involves thoughts while you think of the phrase \’technology\’? It may sound like a sci-fi show, or something that has to run on electricity. Technology forces us to think of something very complex, but energy does not have to be complex.

Technology is the usage of scientific expertise for realistic purposes or packages, whether or not in enterprise or in our each day lives. So, basically, whenever we use our scientific knowledge for a specific purpose, we are using technology. Well, a little more than that. Technology usually involves a specific piece of equipment, but that equipment can be incredibly simple or incredibly complex. It can be something from wheel discovery to computers and MP3 players.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology

The positive impact of technology:

The development and adoption of technology have helped societies to improve productivity, service inclusion, and overall well-being. Where has technological advancement helped the most?

Healthcare Advancement:

Tech has the potential to improve the health and wellness system as we know it. Healthy solutions such as wearables by enabling patients to be monitored by preventing AI-driven clinical drug trials. We\’ve seen tech take into account the difference in health care in epidemics. Telemedicine apps are the first step towards making healthcare more equitable and accessible to all, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

The adoption of extensive technology by both patients and healthcare professionals has enormous potential to improve the performance of public health institutions. Technological advances in protective health (such as wearables) can reduce the overall cost of healthcare and allow patients to monitor their condition and detect abnormalities early, so the skin responds quickly. Complex healthcare systems powered by AI analytics can better distribute care and treatment. Virtual reality therapy is being tested on traumatized patients as going back and once again facing their fears and surviving has proved to be the biggest therapy leap for many.


We already have many learning platforms for different age groups from different fields and industries. They usually consist of videos, interactive boards, or games for practice. This alone makes education more accessible and scalable than ever before.

But the technical impact on education does not end with virtual learning. Thanks to the use of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and learning sciences make learning in tech classes a more in-depth and comprehensive experience. Start-ups like Immerse use VR to help learn English by interacting with a VR headset through a range of topics and themes and practicing their English skills.

Artificial intelligence can help students with disabilities find the best way to learn efficiently and with clear progress. Automation and systematization can remedy the maximum painful factor for instructors across the world: administrative work, which takes plenty of time.

Smart cities and environment protection:

If you ask someone how technology affects the environment, they will say \”very badly.\” While this used to be true in the past, the ultimate awareness of the need to protect the environment has grown over the past decade and has been one of the fastest industries to jump on the tech train.

Green Start-ups is developing sustainable solutions using materials that recycle and reduce waste, purify water, and change the environment. Monitoring is about ensuring a more sustainable future.

The idea of clever towns is likewise intently related to environmental protection. Many cities around the world are using tech solutions to implement measures to reduce waste and pollution and improve energy use. Electric cars are popular in city centres. Garbage distribution regulations also rely on the Internet of Things to improve the process. The IoT bin can reduce the accumulation frequency and reduce the overall waste collection costs while reducing carbon emissions in cities.

Negative impacts of technology in children:

Technology is everywhere. Just look around and think about it. Actually, take a look at your pocket or this screen, you see right now. Technology has delivered us so many splendid matters! Often, technology helps us make things faster and easier.

Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, video games, etc. Our lives are surrounded by technology and our children are using it at home, school, everywhere. Our children will learn many things we may not have even dreamed of. We know this is a significant positive effect of technology.

But there are also some negative effects of overuse of technology, which have serious consequences on the lives of our children. To get the best out of digital devices, parents need to consider the ups and downs and stop them. We\’ve listed five negative effects of technology that you need to consider:

Relationships and Social Skills Issues:

Kids are using increasingly more cell gadgets, and they are able to get used to them, now not spending too much time with their family and/or friends. They are more likely to meet in person than to hang out with friends, share photos and send texts online.

The new generation is growing up playing online games, gaining access to websites (malicious websites), chatting online on Facebook, sharing photos on Instagram and SnapChat, etc. This does not imply that spending time online is terrible, however spending an excessive amount of time on line can weaken the parent-toddler dating, and can also privatize the child to improve many social skills. ۔ ۔

Health Problems:

Excessive use of cellular gadgets may be destructive to kid\’s fitness. The greater they use cellular gadgets, the much less physical interest they do. The problem is that playing online games is about snacking, instead of a balanced diet. Because youngsters spend extra time in front of those screens, maximum of the time at the couch, less time they spend playing outside, running, and burning calories. Over time, the habits of one can result in enormous weight benefits.

To prevent it from becoming a habit, parents can talk to their children about parental controls and use the Screen Guide app to balance screen time. Remember that it is most significant to equilibrium the quality and quantity of time you pass on digital devices.

Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous:

While browsing online, we often encounter harmful things like phishing, viruses and other threats under the guise of advertisements. Most adults know this and can easily avoid it, but what about our children? Sometimes advertising can be detrimental to them. A 2005 study found that 70 percent of 15- to 17-year-olds accidentally stumbled upon online pornography. What about nowadays?

The kids can go online and look for something. But with the proper tracking, they\’ll no longer get the right of entry to dangerous websites, avoiding meeting risky people. Keep in thoughts that you could usually guide your youngsters to avoid the one\’s dangers.

One manner to help youngsters to be secure online is to use parental controls and Internet filtering equipment to select the content they may be able to get admission to or even block browsers for so long as you do not forget it\’s far suitable.

Final Words:

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