WhatsApp testing feature that will let users manage their chat backups on the cloud

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has been found testing a new feature that will allow users to manage their chat backups and exclude specific content like documents and photos from their cloud backup, according to a report by WABetaInfo. Will give That being said, the change was initially limited to Android users, and can work with backups on Google Drive. WABetaInfo in its report said that WhatsApp has added a new dedicated \”Manage Backup Size\” section that allows users to manage their backup size before uploading them to the cloud.


The report reveals that there are some references about the update to WhatsApp for Android beta According to a screenshot shared by WaBetaInfo, the new section allows users to manage their backup size by excluding photos, audios or documents from their backups. These changes are also not offered for beta testing.

Currently, there is no feature related to the backup size on WhatsApp\’s app. Users only have the option to exclude videos from their cloud backup.

WhatsApp has not yet provided any official details on how to allow users to manage their backup size. If reports are to be believed, this could also be due to the upcoming change in Google Drive storage for WhatsApp backup. Currently, Google Drive offers unlimited storage for WhatsApp backup, but it may not last forever.

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